Room Data Sheets - Version 1.0

Save time and money by using this simple to use Excel based programme to complete Room Data Sheets efficiently.

If you are tired of spending many staff hours compiling and updating room data sheets for large projects then this is the product for you.

Instead of typing each sheet out in full, using this template will enable self generation of room data sheets in seconds. Let Excel do the long labourious work of typing out all the finishes, furniture, M&E strategy so that you can spend your valuable time doing other tasks. Updating and ammending the sheets can be done at the touch of a button saving many staff hours.

A series of fully user definable matrices allow the semi automated creation of hundreds of room data sheets in minutes, and allow updates and revisions to be made in seconds.

The matrix layout also lends itself as a powerful tool for pricing, allowing data to be summed, filtered and sorted for cost analysis.

Simple to use

Without the need for databases this product can be used by anyone with Excel* so the whole project team from architects, quantity surveyors, users, clients, project managers and construction companies can all benefit.

The matrices allow users to simply select items for entry into the room data sheets without the need to constantly write the same things over and over again. Developed with vast experience in the construction industry you can be sure that this product caters for all eventualities. From only £500, this product can be used on all your current and future projects, providing excellent value for money with many staff hours saved on every project. Training is also available. The following video provides further instruction into how to use the sheets.

This video can be viewed directly on youtube or downloaded in wmv format here, Right Click and Save As Room Data Sheet Video 2

Note the video is about 19Mb in size

This programme can be adapted to suite your standard room data sheet format, please contact us for details.

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*This product will not run on some Apple Macintosh versions of excel