Training Courses

We provide a range of training courses and seminars to suit your personal or business needs. Our courses can be conducted in a location to suit your needs and cater for 1 to 1 or group sessions. Due to our central location in Sheffield, our rates are more preferable to businesses and individuals based in the Yorkshire and East Midlands Area due to ease of travel.

Chinese Cultural Awareness Training

This course is a fun and informative introduction to China and Chinese culture and can be tailored to your needs. We explore basic history and geography and their influence on culture. Exploring the arts and contemporary culture. You will be able to impress Chinese people with your knowledgable conversation about their home country. Prices range from £250 for half day. Full day courses are available.

Chinese Business Culture

This course provides cultural competency training with its introduction to Chinese business culture. This course focuses in on important issues to remember when conducting business in China. Causing embarressment due to ignorance of simple etiquette can be easily avoided and with a greater understanding of chinese business culture you will have less chance of any misunderstandings. With this course you will be confident that you can have knowledgable conversation, conduct yourself politely and hospitably and have a greater understanding of chinese business culture. Prices range from £300 per half day.

Learn to speak chinese

Whether you are a beginner wanting to learn how to speak chinese or you require practice speaking mandarin we can help you learn to speak chinese online. From holiday chinese to mandarin coaching, click here for further information.

Location is not a problem as these tutorials are delivered by skype. Tutor prices are from £25 an hour.

View our language tuition page for more inforamtion.

Our courses are offered UK wide and we are based locally to: Sheffield, Doncaster, Leeds, Bradford, Nottingham, Derby and Barnsley.

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